Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and picnics in the park, have made a major comeback. Thanks to social distancing and people working and learning remotely, people are seeking fun and adventure in the great outdoors. People are suddenly finding there is time to get into the great outdoors and do something they love. Whether you are a seasoned camper or just beginning your outdoor adventures, there are great promotional products for everyone’s unique preferences, physical capabilities, and lifestyle. Businesses are realizing that people are spending more time outside rather than in stores or traditional workplaces and that means businesses have to get a little more creative with marketing if they want to stay competitive. Fortunately, we specialize in fun marketing ideas and products with a purpose! Below, we have gathered just a few fun outdoor and leisure promotional products that can be branded with your logo or completely customized to fit your brand aesthetic. 

Custom Camping & Outdoor Leisure Promotional Products

Personalized Tent

A personalized water-resistant tent is a fun way to ensure your employees and customers take a little of your brand with you wherever they go. An easy-open tent with double-layer zip open door, such as the tent pictured, is a great beginner tent for any camping newcomers but makes a great gift for even experienced campers!

Custom Logo Portable Grill

A small portable grill like this can easily be printed with your logo and is sure to impress anyone that sees it! A portable BBQ grill is the perfect companion on your next picnic or hike. All you have to do is simply open the supporting legs and unlatch the lid to reveal a 13″ x 8 1/4″ chrome-plated grill grate and charcoal bin. Two side handles allow you to move the grill close to or further away from the fire so you can grill at the perfect temperature. 

Promotional Solar Power Bank & Lantern

This useful solar power bank and lantern can be personalized with your logo and is the kind of tool that is useful in a car or on an outdoor adventure! This particular camping lantern comes with a built-in power bank, warning flasher & flashlight. 

Promotional Hammock

A portable and lightweight polyester travel hammock makes an excellent gift for anyone. This fun hammock may be lightweight but it is heavy-duty and can be set up anywhere – in your own backyard, at the beach, in the woods, and when camping just about anywhere! A promotional hammock set comes with a hanging rope and carabiner attachments for easy set-up that anyone will enjoy!


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