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Everyone wants to maximize their marketing dollar and find creative and effective ways to promote their brand. Branded promotional products are an excellent tool all on their own or as an integral component of a larger campaign but there can be many barriers in team communication and workflow that slow the execution process down. At Connect the Dots, we are here to help our clients find the unique and effective promotional products they want and help them get those products into the hands of customers and employees as soon as possible which is why we have our CommonSku Client Portal.

The CommonSku Client Portal is a central hub where you can view all of your marketing and promotional product projects in one place. Easily see and check the status of your active orders, view previous orders, reorder previous orders, and shop for products specifically curated for you. Even if you don’t have an existing project, you can start a new project – all online in your personalized portal that you can access any time you want!

Want to learn how you can streamline projects, easily find the promotional products you need, minimize communication silos that delay projects, and get the transparency and control you want when working on a promotional product project? Click the link below to watch a short video (less than 2 minutes!) from our very own Karie Cowden that walks you through CommonSku Client Portals. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us to get your very own CommonSku Client Portal!