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When it comes to the current business employment climate, finding new hires is very difficult which means employee retention is the name of the game. There is even a name for what the labor market is experiencing right now – The Great Resignation. Forbes recently reported on the staggering statistics the labor market is experiencing right now, “Recent numbers from the Labor Department highlight the new reality. In the 6 months ending in September, nearly 15% of the U.S. workforce quit their jobs. Job openings stubbornly remain around 10 million (more than 6% of the workforce), more than 60% above their recent historic averages…the “Great Resignation” is a phenomenon that bridges sectors and employee groups, requiring organizations of all sizes to take an honest look at their cultures and how they treat their employees…Employees who feel appreciated and purposeful will go the extra mile when required…it is crucial to remember that a motivated workforce at all levels will ultimately generate the customer service and business needed to reach organizational and financial goals.” At Connect the Dots, we have always been passionate about building connections through authentic brand experiences and that can be a tremendous tool in increasing employee retention.

employee retention

Branded products are a versatile tool that can be leveraged to welcome new employees, reward employees, and ultimately retain employees. Company culture is a major component of an employee’s experience and job satisfaction and that begins as early as the interview stage. Finding ways to use branded products in things like a carefully selected welcome basket for new hires can instantly change the way someone views the company they work for which improves employee retention. Be considerate of the person and their role at the company but don’t lose sight of the heart of the company when selecting products. They should be thoughtful, useful, and most importantly, they should inform or remind the employee of exactly the type of company they work for.

But, even if you are able to hire a new employee and welcome them effectively, that is just the beginning of their journey with your company. Important components of employee retention are how valued an employee feels and how much they feel they are a part of a team. Team building is a great way to promote company culture and having branded promotional products is a fun way to reward employees. Branded swag enhances the employee experience and extends it beyond that moment to remind employees that they are valued and a part of your company team which will improve employee retention in the long run.